Commercial Truck Tires

Commercial Truck Tires Give us call today. Let us prove to you how smoothly and economically Johnny Wheels can handle your specialized tire service requirements.

Tire trouble in the field can result in costly down time. However, a telephone call to Johnny Wheels brings help in a hurry from one of our fully-equipped mobile service units. When we receive a road service call, our computerized dispatching network immediately dispatches a trained mobile crew to quickly remedy your situation. Costly, time-consuming down time is greatly reduced by this efficient, modern method of road service (for commercial trucks only).

Servicing your commercial needs:

  • 24 Hour Road service (TIA Certified Technicians)
  • Professional Fleet Tire Management (Personal Commercial Salesman)
  • On Site Fleet Services
  • Over 5,000 truck tires in stock
  • Truck Tire Balancing
  • New tire service
  • Tire repair
  • O.T.R. tires
  • Scrap tire disposal
  • Used tires
  • Oliver Retread Systems
  • National Account Programs
  • Foam Filling

Johnny Wheels’ Truck Department retread process begins with individualized initial inspection by skilled professionals and continues with the latest in electronic buffing and computerized building technology.

Our electronic buffers and builders have the capability of storing and selecting numerous profiles. Our production control software monitors the retread process from first to final inspection. Our cushion gum extruder produces an improved bond and saves cost. All of these technical advances result in more precise production capabilities.

By offering a choice of both Mold Cure and Precure retreading processes, Johnny Wheels is able to create a customized tire retread program that will meet the fleet needs of even the most exacting customer.

Purchasing a retread will save customers money and contribute economically with recycling. So if you are interested or have questions, call us to take and tour and start saving money today!

Wheel and Rim Refinishing

Johnny Wheels also offers complete wheel and rim refinishing services. By using the latest fully automated refinishing process, we are able to restore virtually any wheel or rim to its original condition.

Customer Service

Each and every part of Johnny Wheels is organized to give its customers the very best possible service available. Complete office computerization and automation make it simple for us to handle the largest of accounts accurately. As one of the largest independent tire dealers in the South, Johnny Wheels must, and does, keep abreast of all the news in the tire industry. All of this valuable information is passed along to you the customer, helping you make an educated purchase. Your business is important to us, and we will go out of our way to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

National Accounts Vendor

If you are under contract with a fleet management company, there are certain requirements that must be met. Johnny Wheels has established relationships with all of the top fleet management companies and therefore knows how to properly process your service needs.

Preferred National Account Vendor means...

  • Hassle-free, fast service from inspection through final invoice
  • Quick authorization from your fleet management company On-Demand repairs.
  • No appointment needed

“Our Strength Is In Our People And The Customers We Serve”